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Strabismus Surgery or Eye Muscle Surgery

Strabismus surgery, which is also generally referred to as extraocular muscle surgery, eye muscle surgery, or eye alignment surgery, is a surgical procedure which is performed on the extraocular muscles. This is done to correct a strabismus, which is the misalignment of the eyes.


Types of Strabismus Surgery


The following is a list of strabismus surgery types which can be performed by an ophthalmologist:


Loosening or Weakening Eye Surgery Procedures

  • Recession Procedure

  • Myectomy Procedure

  • Myotomy Procedure

  • Tenectomy Procedure

  • Tenotomy Procedure


Tightening or Strengthening Eye Surgery Procedures

  • Resection Procedure

  • Tucking Procedure

  • Advancement Procedure


Two other eye muscle surgery types are also performed, and these are transposition or repositioning procedures and adjustable suture surgery.


Eye Muscle Surgery Procedure and Recovery


Modern strabismus surgery is a single-day procedure and a patient should spend no more than a few hours in the hospital. There is minimal preoperative preparation and the average duration of eye muscle surgery will vary from patient to patient depending on the complexity or type of eye surgery procedure performed.. 


Following a strabismus surgery procedure soreness and redness can be expected Please note that in the case of resection operations the amount of pain experienced by a patient will be more than when a recession operation is undertaken. An eye cover is provided during post operative recovery periods so as to eliminate additional eye stimulus which may cause additional discomfort.





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